Foundations of Aerodynamics (AERO5210)


This unit aims to develop in students a knowledge of the complex behaviour of airflow in the case of two dimensional aerofoil sections and three dimensional wings. To encourage hands-on experimentation with wind-tunnel tests to allow an understanding of these concepts and their range of applicability. At the end of this unit students will be able to: predict flow properties for general aircraft wing sections to obtain lift, drag and pitching moment; extrapolate section results to predict full three dimensional wing behaviour; undertake experiments and analyse data to verify theoretical predictions; construct simple computer algorithms that will allow more complex geometries to be solved; understand the limitations of theory and the effect of second order parameters (Reynolds number, Mach Number) to the primary flow properties. Course content will include: construction and designation of two dimensional aerofoil sections; point vortex model of aerofoil; Joukowski transformation theory; thin aerofoil theory; linear lift properties for sections; limiting effects such as stall; calcualtion of pitching moment coefficient; methods for estimation of boundary flow and friction drag calculations; viscous-inviscid panel method numerical solutions; modelling of three dimension wing flows; lifting line theory and vortex lattice method.; effects of downwash, aspect ratio, sweep angle and asymmetry.

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Lectures, 3hr per week, 2hr Tut/Lab/Demo per week and three 3 hour Laboratory sessions per semester


Through semester assessment(40%), Final Exam (60%)

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