Foundations of Propulsion Systems (AERO5211)


This unit aims to develop an understanding of the modern techniques used for aircraft propulsion. Students will gain skills in problem solving for aircraft propulsion systems ranging from propellers, gas-turbine engines to rockets. This unit of study teaches the students the techniques used to propel aircraft and rockets. The students will learn to analyse various propulsion systems in use: propellers, gas turbines, rocket motors. Course content will include: Propulsion unit requirements subsonic and supersonic flight; thrust components, efficiencies, additive drag of intakes; Piston engine components and operation; Propeller theory; Operation, components and cycle analysis of gas turbine engines, turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, ramjets; Components: compressor; fan; burner; turbine; nozzle, efficiency of components; off-design considerations; Operation, components and thermodynamics of rocket motors; Dynamics of rocket flight, orbital velocity; staging; Future directions; minimisation of noise and pollution; sub-orbital propulsion systems; scram-jets; hybrid engines.

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Three 1hr lectures and one 2hr tutorial per week


Through semester assessment (40%), Final Exam (60%)

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Prerequisite: Assumed knowledge: Mathematics and Physics to a level of Bachelor of Science or equivalent., AERO5200

Prerequisite: Assumed knowledge: Mathematics and Physics to a level of Bachelor of Science or equivalent.

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