Advanced Aircraft Design Analysis (AERO5400)


This unit of study aims to provide familiarity and understanding with practical aircraft design processes expected in industry, including the evaluation and case studies of existing aircraft designs. Students will gain a better understanding of relevant issues particularly related to the design of aircraft with a level of confidence to lead them to develop new designs or modifications, having a good balance between theory and real-world applications. Good familiarity with unique and stringent international aviation regulations and certification processes will be expected with respect to the design of aircraft. Topics covered by the lectures will include aircraft specifications; aircraft selection and evaluation; aircraft configuration design; design considerations for aerodynamics, structures, systems, manufacture, testing, certification, life-cycle-cost, operations; the use of computational aircraft design tools, in particular DARcorp's Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA); and introduction to multidisciplinary design optimisation methods. Projects will be based on case study analyses and evaluation of aircraft types to operational specifications and requirements.

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Through semester assessment (100%)

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AERO3460 or AERO5410 or AERO9460

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(AERO1400, AERO3260, AERO3261, AERO3360, AERO3465, AERO3560 and AERO4460) or equivalent.



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