Aircraft Avionics and Systems (AERO5520)


This unit of study aims to develop a thorough qualitative understanding of modern avionics and aircraft systems. It deals with the full breadth of cockpit avionics systems and subsystems from flight instrument and display technology to flight management, flight control, navigation and sensor systems.
At the end of this unit students will be able to understand the following: the principles of modern cockpit display technologies and the information they portray; the functions of flight control and navigation systems and their interactions with actuation and other aircraft systems; engine management systems; communication systems; payload sensor systems; the interactions of avionics components with power, hydraulic, bus and communication systems together with their underlying physical principles; the principles of avionics system requirements, specification, design, regulation and certification; fault tolerance and redundancy; software engineering and system integration.

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AMME5510 OR AERO9560 OR (AERO2703 AND AERO3560)

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