Agro-ecosystems in Developing Countries (AFNR3001)


This unit provides students with a direct contact with the agricultural reality of a developing country through a fieldtrip. Active learning in the field through contacts with farmers, public servants, cooperatives, private firms and NGOs should then motivate a critical reflection on the constraints to agricultural development in these environments.
The fieldtrip will be organized around central themes (for example, technology adoption, sustainable use of resources, access to credit, land use change) that will be introduced in a short series of seminars (held on main campus ahead of the departure and intended to provide a first introduction to some of the questions that are expected to be addressed in the field) and will constitute the focus of group work once back to main campus.
Although there are no formal prerequisites, the unit is directed to students that have completed most of the second year units in their degrees.
N.B. Department permission required for enrolment. Please note that, in practice, this unit will run prior to the start of semester 1 with all classes and the fieldtrip being scheduled during that period.

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1x18 days fieldtrip before start of semester 1, online tutorials


Participation (20%), Research Topic Proposal (20%), Oral Presentation (20%), Major report (40%)

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