Research Project B (AFNR4102)


This unit is a continuation of the major research project initiated in AFNR4101 and continues to build on theoretical and applied knowledge gained across most of the units of study undertaken throughout their degree program. Working with their academic supervisor in the area of specialization the student will continue to pursue the defined research project towards presenting final results and conclusions. The research results are presented in a format of a research paper as submitted to a research journal. The research paper and corrected literature review is combined and presented together as a thesis. Students will continue to build their research skills, develop strong analytical capacity, demonstrate a sound grasp of the topic, and an ability to interpret results in a broad framework. Working with an academic supervisor students will develop their ability to produce results of high quality, draw reliable conclusions and identify future areas avenues of research. Students will build on their previous research and inquiry skills through sourcing a wide range of knowledge to solve the research problem and enhance their intellectual and personal autonomy by means of the managing the research program. Students will improve their communication skills through oral presentation of their research findings, the production of a poster detailing their research findings and the writing of a research paper.

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No formal classes, approx. 18h per week


Oral presentation, research paper, poster.

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