Agribusiness Management (AGEC3101)


This unit of study is designed to introduce decision making problems encountered by firms and agribusiness firms and general methods of solving microeconomic decision making problems. It is unit of study that builds on knowledge gained in junior units of study in particular AGEC1006, AGEC2103 and AGEC2102. Students will review production economics and activity analysis and show how budgeting methods can be used to relate them. They will extend these budgeting techniques to problems of time and risk, using capital and parametric budgeting. Students will also be introduced to linear programming and show how this tool is a practical method of solving decision making problems. Students will learn to consider methods for solving decision making problems where the outcomes are not known with certainty. The students will gain skills through workshop based tasks, an assignment, information literacy and communication skills through the presentation of the workshop reports and discussion throughout the workshop.

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2x1-hr lectures/week, 1x2-hr tutorial/week commencing week 2


1x2hr exam (50%) and 1x50 min mid-semester exam (15%) and 1 assignment (25%) and workshop reports (10%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

AGEC2103 or AGEC2003 or AGEC1006


AGEC3001, AGEC1102, AGEC3103

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