Shaping our Landscapes (AGEN1001)


This unit of study is designed to help students develop understanding of our non-urban landscapes and the physical, biological, economic and cultural factors that have shaped them, with particular emphasis on the interaction between production and environment. It is a core first year unit for students in BScAgr, BEnvSys, BAgrEc, BResEc and BAnVetBioSc. The unit begins with a review of the current global issues around population, food, agriculture and environment and the place of Australia in this global context. Australia's current production (plant and animal based) and environmental systems and landscapes are described with an emphasis on the physical, biological, economic and cultural factors that have shaped them, concluding with an account of future production and environment scenarios. At the end of this unit, students should be able to describe global production and environment issues and key Australian landscapes and production systems, explain the factors that have shaped them and apply this understanding to a specific location and production system. They should analyse the situation of natural resource managers and evaluate the options available to them to maintain or improve profitable production and achieve sustainability. The students will gain research and inquiry skills through research-based group projects, information literacy and communication skills through on-line discussion postings, tutorial discussions and presentations and personal and intellectual autonomy through working in groups and individually.

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2x1hr lect, 1x2hr tut, 4x1 day (6.5hr) field (ave 2hrs/week)


1x 2hr exam (40%), Field class reports (10%), Group work participation (10%), Journal (10%), Problem based learning project (30%)


To be advised during semester.

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