Applied Biology for Ag and Environment (AGEN1004)


Building on the fundamentals of biology introduced in the first semester, this unit runs alongside the 2nd semester biological chemistry unit where students learn the fundamentals of organic chemistry and the major biomolecules. In this unit, students will put this knowledge into context. They will be introduced to the major plant and animal systems, how they interact, and how an understanding of environment influences is key to effective and sustainable management. Topics will be introduced that will emphasise the specific importance of the major biological systems. Through lectures, tutorials, pracs and field trips, students will gain a more in-depth understanding of basic plant and animal physiology, biochemistry, energy flows, and biological interactions, and the importance of these factors in determining the resilience of organisms, communities and ecosystems. Students will be able to apply this knowledge to determine appropriate management strategies for productivity and the conservation and rehabilitation of natural systems.

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2 lectures, 1 tutorial/week; 8 practicals; 4 field trips.


1 x 2 hour exam (50%); 4 practical reports (26%); 2 field trip reports (24%).


Sadava D, Hillis D, Heller C, Berenbaum M 2009, Life: the science of biology, 9th edition, WH Freeman and Co, Gordonsville VA.; Recommended reading: Lindenmayer D, Burgman M 2005, Practical Conservation Biology, CSIRO Publishing. C.A. Offord, P.F Meagher

Practical work

Practical and field report preparation. Class preparation, material revision/private study

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

BIOL1001, CHEM1001





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