Innovation in Food Supply Chains (AGEN1005)


This unit of study is designed to allow students to critically examine the theory and functions underpinning food supply chains in Australia and internationally, and the challenges facing their operation. It is a core unit for students in Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness degree and builds on the theoretical knowledge gained in BUSS 1001 Understanding Business and will complement the concurrently taught AGEC1006 Economic Environment of Agriculture. The Unit is designed to engender a capacity for innovative problem solving in the production, supply and management of animal and plant products, with a focus on the sustainability of the system in the face of environmental challenges and a burgeoning global population In the first part, students will investigate the theoretical background and historical development of food SCM to understand the role and relationships of SC members including the consumer. In the second part students will examine specific food supply chains to understand their unique characteristics and review recent developments in view of changing market forces. Students will also review SCM in the context of global and domestic food policies and food security. At the end of this unit, students will be able to understand and describe food SCM theory, management and function, and the challenges facing successful food SCM operation. Students will understand the concepts that underpin the formation and operation of food supply chains and be able to critically evaluate their performance. The students will gain research and inquiry skills through research based group projects, information literacy and communication skills through on-line discussion postings, laboratory reports and a presentation and personal and intellectual autonomy through working in groups.

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2 x 1 hr lecture per week, 6 x excursions/practical sessions per semester


1x mid semester exam (20%), 1x 2hr final exam (50%), 2x Assignments (2 x15%)


No prescribed text but referral to references listed from library

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Assumed knowledge: Maths, Biology from HSC

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