Livestock Production Systems (AGRO4005)


The aim of this unit is to highlight the inter-relationships between disease, vegetation, soil, and livestock production. Livestock production systems builds on knowledge in the AGRO3004, which deals with pasture and cropping systems and expands this into the management of systems involving animals. The unit will cover such aspects as dealing with prevention and regulatory aspects of the disease process, mechanisms to deal with disease, parasitology, managing the health of sheep, beef and dairy cows (throughout all stages of their life cycles), and reproductive disorders. Appropriate management of pasture systems can reduce the prevalence of many of these issues and will be covered in lectures that will relate livestock production to herbage quantity and quality, grazing management, limits to production and how pasture-livestock systems impact on the environment and the extent to which this can be mitigated. While this unit will be taught on-line through the University of New England, there will be a week-long intensive residential school that requires a compulsory attendance during the second week of September. Because not all aspects of the residential school is relevant to Sydney students, a one-day field trip will be held while students are attending the residential school. Lectures will also be undertaken at the University of Sydney. The assessment for this unit of study will be based around an exam (50%), three assignments (40%) and a seminar (10%). Students completing this unit will be able to evaluate how disease, pastures and livestock management interact to affect livestock production and how management of livestock systems can be a sustainable industry in terms of natural resources. Through group work and independent research on the case studies students will gain valuable research and interpersonal skills. Writing and communication skills are developed through report and exam writing and oral communication through participation in a debate

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(Intensive lectures/workshop/fieldtrip commencing 2nd week of September for 1 week, plus on-line modules throughout semester)


One 2hr exam (50%), case study reports based on field trips (40%), participation in debate (10%).

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Assumed knowledge: ANSC3101

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