Thermodynamics and Fluids (AMME2200)


This unit aims to teach the basic laws of thermodynamics and the fundamentals of fluid statics and dynamics. At the end of this unit students will have: an understanding of the basic laws of thermodynamics and basic equations governing the statics and dynamics of fluids; the ability to analyze the thermodynamics of a simple open or closed engineering system; the ability to analyze and determine the forces governing static fluid; the ability to evaluate the relevant flow parameters for fluid flow in internal engineering systems such as pipes and pumps (velocities, losses, etc.) and external systems such as flow over wings and airfoils (lift and drag). Course content will include concepts of heat and work, properties of substances, first law of thermodynamics, control mass and control volume analysis, thermal efficiency, entropy, second law of thermodynamics, reversible and irreversible processes, isentropic efficiency, power and refrigeration cycles; basic concepts of pressure, force, acceleration, continuity, streamline and stream function, viscosity, non-dimensional parameters; Fluid statics: governing hydrostatic equations, buoyancy; Fluid dynamics: governing conservation equations; Potential flow, vorticity and circulation; Bernouilli and Euler equations; A brief introduction to flow measuring devices, pipe flow, flow over surfaces, lift and drag.

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Lecture 3 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week; Laboratory 3 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (35%) and Final Exam (65%)


Philip J. Pritchard/Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics/8th Edition/2010/ISBN-13 9780470547557// Yunus A. Cengel and Michael A. Boles/Thermodynamics: An engineering approach/Seventh edition in SI units/2011/ISBN 978-007-131111-3//

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MATH1001 AND MATH1002 AND MATH1003. Students are expected to be familiar with basic, first year, integral calculus, differential calculus and linear algebra.


AMME2261 OR AMME2262

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