Fluid Mechanics 1 (AMME2261)


This unit covers the fundamentals of fluid statics and fluid dynamics. At the end of this unit students will have: an understanding of the basic equations governing the statics and dynamics of fluids; the ability to analyze and determine the forces applied by a static fluid; the ability to analyse fluids in motion. The course will cover both inviscid and viscous fluid flow. The course will introduce the relevant parameters for fluid flow in internal engineering systems such as pipes and pumps and external systems such as flow over wings and airfoils. Course content will cover the basic concepts such as viscosity, density, continuum, pressure, force, buoyancy and acceleration; and more detailed methods including continuity, conservation of momentum, streamlines and potential flow theory, Bernoulli equation, Euler equation, Navier-Stokes equation. Experiments will introduce flow measuring devices and flow observation.

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(MATH1001 OR MATH1901 OR MATH1906) AND (MATH1014 OR MATH1002 OR MATH1902) AND (MATH1003 OR MATH1903 OR MATH1907)



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