Computer Vision and Image Processing (AMME4710)


This unit of study introduces students to vision sensors, computer vision analysis and digital image processing. This course will cover the following areas: fundamental principles of vision sensors such as physics laws, radiometry, CMOS/CDD imager architectures, colour reconstruction; the design of physics-based models for vision such as reflectance models, photometric invariants, radiometric calibration. This course will also present algorithms for video/image analysis, transmission and scene interpretation. Topics such as image enhancement, restoration, stereo correspondence, pattern recognition, object segmentation and motion analysis will be covered.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Laboratory 3 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)


R. Szeliski/Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications/2010// R.C. Gonzalez and R.E. Woods/Digital Image Processing/3rd edition/2008//

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Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

MECH4720 or MECH4730

Mandatory prerequisite MECH4720 Sensors and Signals or MECH4730 Computers in Real-Time Control and Instrumentation

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