Tissue Engineering (AMME4971)


With the severe worldwide shortage of donor organs and the ubiquitous problem of donor organ rejection, there is a strong need for developing technologies for engineering replacement organs and other body parts. Recent developments in biochemistry and cell biology have begun to make this possible, and as a consequence, the very new field of tissue engineering has been making dramatic progress in the last few years.
This unit will provide an introduction to the principles of tissue engineering, as well as an up to date overview of recent progress in the field of tissue engineering is and where it is going. This unit assumes prior knowledge of cell biology and chemistry and builds on that foundation to elaborate on the important aspects of tissue engineering.
The objectives are: To gain a basic understanding of the major areas of interest in tissue engineering; To learn to apply basic engineering principles to tissue engineering systems; To understand the challenges and difficulties of tissue engineering; Understand the ethical issues of stem cell applications; Enable student to access web-based resources in tissue engineering (for example: Harvard-MIT Principles and Practice of Tissue Engineering); Research basic skills in Tissue Engineering.

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The primary teaching delivery method will be lectures. This unit builds on the assumed knowledge of junior and intermediate biology and thus students will already have practical hands-on biological training. The purpose of this unit is to elaborate the theory and latest developments of this very new field of tissue engineering, thereby building on the existing practical and theoretical knowledge base the students have in cell biology.

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