Applied Biomedical Engineering (AMME4981)


Computer modelling and simulation signify a very important aspect of engineering in general, and biomedical engineering specifically. This is because it allows overcoming some significant problems of clinical, ethical, and design involved in testing early prototypes on live subjects. This unit of study will take a project-based-learning approach to the topic of computer modelling and simulation for design optimization of biomedical prostheses and devices through lectures, tutorials, team work and research seminars. The primary focus will be on CT/MRI based finite element modelling, design analysis and optimisation for biomedical implantable devices. The students will form into teams and use computer modeling and simulation techniques to develop and optimize their design. Projects are to be conducted for some real-life problems from the biomedical industry, and it is anticipated that students will spend a significant amount of time with their research and development. It is anticipated that students will gain detailed knowledge not only in the design topic assigned to them, but also in the topics assigned to their peers.

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Research 2 hrs/week; Seminar 3 hrs/week; Lecture 3 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week; Meeting 1 hr/week; Project Work - own time 1 hr/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)

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MECH2901 and AMME2301 and AMME2500 and MECH3362 and MECH3921. Anatomy and Physiology, engineering dynamics and mechanics of solids in the second year level and knowledge of materials engineering and mechanical design in the third year level

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