Dissertation B (AMME5223)


Dissertation aims to provide students with the opportunity to carry out a defined piece of independent research in a setting and in a manner that fosters the development of individual engineering and scientific research skills. These skills include the capacity to define a research question, showing how it relates to existing knowledge, identifying the tools needed to investigate the question, carrying out the research in a systematic way, analysing the results obtained and presenting the outcomes in a report that is clear, coherent and logically structured. Dissertation is undertaken across two semesters of enrolment, in two successive Units of Study of 12 credits points each. Dissertation A covers first steps of thesis research starting with development of research proposal. Dissertation B covers the second of stage writing up and presenting the research results.
Students are asked to write a thesis based on a research project, which is very often related to some aspect of a staff member's research interests. Some projects will be experimental in nature, others may involve computer-based simulation, feasibility studies or the design, construction and testing of equipment. Direction of thesis work may be determined by the supervisor or be of an original nature, but in either case the student is responsible for the execution of the practical work and the general layout and content of the project itself. The final capstone report must be the student's individual work. The Thesis will be judged on the extent and quality of the student's original work and particularly how critical, perceptive and constructive he or she has been in assessing his/her work and that of others. Students will also be required to present the results of their findings to their peers and supervisors as part of a seminar program.
It is expected that a project at this level will represent a contribution to new knowledge meeting the level of a postgraduate research degree.

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Research 10 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)

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AMME5020 OR AMME5021

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In order to enrol in a dissertation project, students must first secure an academic supervisor in an area that they are interested. Students must have acieved a WAM of 75% or greater in their prior year of study. The topic of your project must be determined in discussion with the supervisor.

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