Computational Biomedical Engineering (AMME5981)


This UoS will give students a comprehensive understanding of finite element method, material constitutive modelling, CT/MRI based solid modelling, design analysis and optimisation, and their applications in biomedical engineering. The students are expected to expand their research and development skills in relevant topics, and gain experience and skills in finite element software for the solution to sophisticated problems associated with biomedical engineering. The objectives are: 1. Understanding of the nature of biomedical engineering problems; 2. Exploring CT/MRI image processing, solid modelling etc; 3. Understanding of finite element methods and developing FE models for biomedical engineering analysis; 4. Understanding biomaterials constitutive modelling; 5. Understanding bone remodelling simulation, fracture mechanics; 6. Developing prosthetic design optimisation;

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Lectures: 2 hours per week; Tutorials: 2 hours per week


Through semester assessment (100%)

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Assumed knowledge: AMME5301 and AMME5302 and AMME5500 and MECH5361 and MECH3921

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