Principles of Histology (ANAT2008)


This unit of study covers the principles of cell biology and study of the structure of cells, tissues and organ systems at the light and electron microscopic levels. The focus is on human systems. Extension exercises introduce students to the connection between histology and anatomy. Modern practical applications of histological techniques and analysis for research are also presented.

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Two 1-hour lectures


One 1-hour theory exam, two 30-minute practical exams, three online theory quizzes, two practical quizzes (100%).


Paulina, W. Histology - A Text and Atlas. 7th Edition, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. 2015.

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6 credit points of (BIOL1XXX or PSYC1XXX or MBLG1XXX)


BMED2401 or BMED2402 or BMED2403 or BMED2404 or BMED2405 or BMED2406 or BMED2801 or BMED2802 or BMED2803 or BMED2804 or BMED2805 or BMED2806 or BMED2807 or BMED2808 or ANAT2001

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