Musculoskeletal Anatomy (ANAT3008)


The unit provides an opportunity for students to study the topographical and systems anatomy of the upper limb, lower limb and the back regions. Emphasis is placed upon the identification and description of structures and the correlation of structure with function. This includes for the upper limb, its role in manipulation, for the lower limb standing and walking and for the back flexible support and protection. Emphasis is also given to the innervation of the limbs. The unit also aims to develop the general skills of observation, description, drawing, writing and discussion as applying to biological structure.

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Two 1-hour lectures, two 2-hour tutorials per week


One 90 minute paper (70%), one 60 minute paper (30%)

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(ANAT2009) or (BMED2402 and BMED2403 and BMED2405 and BMED2406)


ANAT3005 or ANAT3908

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