SPQR: The Senate and the People of Rome (ANHS2610)


What kind of society produced the Roman Republic? How did its political institutions develop and to what extent were they unique? How did they stand up to the pressures of external threat, social change, internal dissention and the impact of empire? We will study the partnership of senate and people from 287 to 88BC and ask the Romans whether a society always gets the politicians it deserves.

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2x1hr lectures/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week


1x2000 word class paper (40%), 1x500 word assessment task (10%), 1x2 hour exam (40%) and Tutorial participation (10%)

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12 Junior credit points of Ancient History, History or Classical Studies OR (6 Junior credit points of Ancient History or Classical Studies and 6 Junior credit points of either Latin, Greek (Ancient), History or Archaeology)

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