Animal Nutrition 3 (ANSC3101)


This Unit of Study builds upon principles discussed in AVBS1002 Concepts of Animal Management. The Unit is broadly divided into four sections, namely: estimating the nutritive characteristics of feeds; defining the nutrient requirements of animals; diet formulation; errors in feeding. The focus is on coming to an understanding of the assessment of nutritional adequacy and the avoidance and solving of nutritional problems, with a particular emphasis on animals used in agricultural production systems and wildlife. The principles discussed in this course will be expanded in the following year, in which species-specific systems will be described. The basis of successful feeding management is an understanding of the following: the composition of feeds; the digestibility and efficiency of utilisation of nutrients by the animal; the nutrient requirements of the animal; interactions between nutrients that influence health and production. And following from this, students will have the ability to formulate diets to meet animal requirements for a variety of purposes and under a variety of constraints; identify deficiencies, excesses and imbalances in diets and so avoid a decline in productive efficiency and/or a decline in health.

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lectures 2 h/week, lecture recording 1h/week and in situ and/or online laboratories 2-3 h/week


Assignments, including 5 individual reports from problem based learning (30%), 1 online middle term exam (35%), 1 oral or video presentation (25%), and 1 online end of term exam (10%)


Students are encouraged to have an individual tablet PC or laptop with wireless connectivity (e.g.: ipad; Galaxy Note, etc.) during all classes. There is no required text for the course. A number of textbooks are available on reserve at the library. These

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

AVBS1002, (VETS1032 or PLNT2001 or PLNT2901), Prerequisite: Assumed knowledge: Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Prerequisite: Assumed knowledge: Fundamentals of Biochemistry


AVBS2001 or MICR2024

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