Animal Structure and Function A (ANSC3103)


Animal Structure and Function A will develop an understanding of the role of the body systems in maintaining homeostasis in an animal's internal environment. In ASFA the structure and function of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary and integumentary systems of the body are explored in depth particularly with reference to the maintenance of homeostasis. The developed understanding of the normal functioning of these systems allows identification of the impact on the animal of abnormal function of these systems. A study of the structure and function of muscle will include its role in movement and as meat in a production setting. The overall goals of the Unit are (i) to enable students to develop a rich understanding of the relationships between body systems and structures (to be continued in ASFB). (ii) to develop generic skills particularly in group work and oral presentation,(iii) to develop an appreciation of the links between structure and function and their relevance to animal disease and production that will be further developed in Veterinary Pathogenesis as well as in advanced, applied studies in Behaviour in third year and in 4th year Animal Production.

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lectures 3hrs/wk, laboratories/tutorials 2hrs/wk (note these will vary depending upon the week)


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For the animal structure component of the unit: Dyce, KM, Sack, WO & Wensing, CJG 2002, Textbook of veterinary anatomy, 3rd edn, W.B.Saunders, Philadelphia
For the physiology component of this unit: Sherwood, L, Klandorf, H and Yancey, P H ( 2005) Animal Physiology: From Genes to Organisms, Thomson Brooks Cole, Belmont CA

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12cp from (BIOL1XXX, VETS1032, AGEN2001)

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