Animal Structure and Function B (ANSC3104)


In this Unit students will complete the study of the structure and function of organ systems in animals started in ANSC3103. The role of the immune system will be investigated in relation to maintenance of internal homeostasis. An introduction to the nervous system and male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology will form the basis for further applied studies in these areas in third year Units of Study in Animal Health and Disease and Animal Reproduction. There will be development of the generic skills of critically reading and writing.

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lectures 3 hrs/wk, laboratories/tutorials 2 hrs/wk, group work and/or independent learning activities 1 hr/week, activities will vary on a weekly basis


Anatomy dissection project (25%), critical review (25%), mid-semester and final examinations (50%)


For Animal Structure: Dyce, KM, Sack, WO & Wensing, CJG 2010, Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, 4th edn, W.B.Saunders, Philadelphia
For Animal Function: for each topic, students will be directed to a recommended reading list available from the University of Sydney Library
The details of lecture outlines, objectives, reference lists, details of practical classes, staffing as well as other relevant class material will be available for students via the e-learning site.

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