Animal Biotechnology (ANSC3105)


Lectures, tutorials, laboratories, seminars and supervised reading and directed learning instruction will cover the application of biotechnology to animal health, animal production and veterinary biosciences. The course is organised around modules that consider the methodologies, ethical and technical issues in application of gene therapy, transgenics, antibody engineering, molecular diagnostics, and biodiversity mining, all discussed in contexts relevant to domestic animals. The course also integrates an introduction to the emerging field of animal biosystems, which develops basic skills in data retrieval using web-based bioinformatic databases.

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Lectures 3hrs/wk; Practicals 3hr/wk(x7); seminars/workshops 0.25hr/wk


Practicals and quizzes (20%) Essay and seminars (40%) Exam (40%)

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AVBS1002 and (GENE2001 or GENE2002)

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