Animal Genetics 3 (ANSC3107)


Animal Genetics ANSC3107 is an exciting course that explores the technologies used by geneticists in practical situations involving domestic animals. We will expand on concepts learned in GENE2001 to learn more about genome sequencing, variant discovery, phylogenomics, bioinformatics, epigenetics, association mapping, gene therapy and forensic genetics.

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2 hrs of classes per week where there are no on-line modules, 2hrs/wk practicals. Up to eight weeks of semester will be conducted as on-line learning modules. Students requiring extra assistance are encouraged to make an appointment with Prof Wade.


Practicals with associated reports and on-line quizzes (25%), Mid Semester on-line examination (25%), Final Examination (50%)


There is no prescribed text for this subject. Books that may be useful:
Nicholas, FW (2010) Introduction to Veterinary Genetics (3rd Ed) October 2009, ©2010, Wiley-Blackwell, Iowa, USA ISBN: 978-1-4051-6832-8 (available also in .pdf format via the university library)
Falconer, D.S. and Mackay, T.F.C. (1996). An Introduction to Quantitative Genetics. (4th edn). Longman Chesire, London. [Bad, Cam 575/36/B] OR Bourdon, R.M. (1999) Understanding Animal Breeding (2nd edn). Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. [Bad and Camden 636.082 35]

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GENE2001 or GENE2002 or MBLG2072 or MBLG2972

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