Introductory Arabic 1A (ARBC1611)


This unit is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of Arabic. Its main objective is to teach you how to communicate in both formal and colloquial Arabic about some familiar topics using simple words and phrases. You will learn to recognize and produce the alphabet and communicate basic information about yourself in writing. You will explore topics related to Arab cultures. Preparation for class and active participation in small group activities are essential components of the unit.

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2x2hr tutorials/week


12 x daily homework (1000wd total) (25%), 4 x quiz (1500wd total) (30%), 5 x dictation (500wd total)(10%), 3x cultural presentation (500wd total) (5%), 2 x oral test (1000wd total) (20%), class participation (10%)

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ARBC1311 or ARBC1312 or ARBC1101 or ARBC1102

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