Advanced Arabic 3B (ARBC3616)


This course will further develop your language skills so you are able to express yourself fully on familiar topics as well as concrete social and professional topics. You can address and comprehend some complex issues. You will practice delivering organised, coherent presentations descriptions and narratives. An understanding of contemporary Arab societies and cultures will be enhanced through examination of supplementary authentic materials. Preparation for class and active participation in small group activities remain essential components of the unit.

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2x2hr tutorials/week


12 x homework assignments (1000wds total) (30%), 3 x 500wd quizzes (30%), 3 x writing portfolio (1000wds total) (15%), 1x 500wd cultural project (5%), 1 x 500wd presentation (10%), participation (10%)

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ARBC2106 or ARBC1311 or ARBC1312 or ARBC2313 or ARBC2314 or ARBC2315 or ARBC2316 or ARBC2633 or ARBC2634 or ARBC3635 or ARBC3636 or ARBC3637 or ARBC3638

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