Arabic Language and Literature 6B (ARBC3616)


This unit aims to consolidate students' competence in Arabic through dialogues in modern standard and educated every-day Arabic, reading and listening to material from the contemporary Arabic media, as well as writing and translation tasks relevant to real life situations. This unit equally aims to extend students' knowledge and appreciation of Arabic literature and culture through reading and discussion of further representative texts by major Arabic authors in their societal context, with examples from different genres.

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4x1-hr seminars/week


1x2.5hr exam (equivalent to 2500wds) (50%), written and oral exercises (equivalent to 800wds) (20%), 1x2.5hr mid-semester exam (25%), class participation (5%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

ARBC2105 or ARBC3615


ARBC1312, ARBC3638, ARBC2315, ARBC2633, ARBC2316, ARBC1311, ARBC3637, ARBC2313, ARBC3635, ARBC2106, ARBC3636, ARBC2634, ARBC2314

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