Urban Design Studio A (ARCH9001)


These studios are the heart of the urban design program. Values, knowledge and skills acquired in other units and from previous experience are supplemented and enhanced, and applied creatively to both the investigation and development phases of design projects at an urban scale. These may be concerned with the generation of strategies, frameworks, concepts, master plans, public space improvements, or other urban design purposes. They are chosen carefully to expose students to a range of contexts (central city, suburban, institutional campuses, etc.) and contemporary issues concerning urban form, activity, transport and the implementation of projects.
Students are expected to extend their presentation methods by developing illustrative, writing and verbal skills appropriate to urban design. It is usual for the backgrounds of those enrolled in the studios to span at least architecture, planning and landscape architecture, with inter-disciplinary group work an essential part. Visionary and innovative approaches are encouraged.
Students will be expected to demonstrate appropriate (professional-level) problem recognition, investigative, analytical, interpretative, design and presentation skills and abilities on projects of an urban scale. Assessment may also embrace abilities to prepare and interpret project briefs, program proposals and work in groups.
The central aim of this unit is to develop abilities and skills (investigation, analysis and interpretation, design development and presentation) which will enable students to carry out urban design projects such as the preparation of strategies, frameworks, concepts and master plans in a professional and visionary manner.

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Lecture 1 hr/wk and studio 3 hrs/wk (Weeks 1-6), studio 4 hrs/wk (Weeks 7-13)


Design Principles (Group 10%); Mid-term Presentation (Group 30%); Final Presentation (Group 20%, Individual 20%); Final Submission (Group 10%, Individual 10%). Group work peer-reviewed.

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