Dissertation 1 (ARCH9045)


ARCH9045 and ARCH9046 Dissertation 1 and 2 are only available to candidates with permission from an appropriate supervisor. Planning students should take PLAN9010 and PLAN9011 Planning Dissertations 1 and 2. Students enrol either full time over one semester (ARCH9045 and ARCH9046) or part time over two semesters (ARCH9045 then ARCH9046). The units are not assessed separately - a single dissertation is required. The appointment of a supervisor will depend on the topic chosen for the dissertation by the student. Students and their supervisors should complete an Independent Study Approval form and return it to the Student Administration Centre to effect enrolment. The aim of the dissertation is to train the student in how to undertake advanced study. The student should learn how to examine published and unpublished data, survey and experimental results, set objectives, organise a program of work, analyse information, evaluate this in relation to existing knowledge and document the work; and to allow the student to pursue an area of interest in greater depth than is possible in coursework or to investigate an area of interest which is not covered in coursework. The dissertation will normally involve a critical review of published material in a specified subject area, but it may also be an experimental or theoretical investigation, a feasibility study, a case study, a computer program, or other work demonstrating the student's analytical ability. The dissertation should be 15,000 to 25,000 words in length. The dissertation should contain a literature review, a research methodology, analysis of data, a discussion of results and conclusions. The dissertation will be judged on the extent and quality of the student's work, and in particular on how critical, perceptive and constructive the student has been in assessing his or her own work and that of others. Three typed A4 sized copies of the dissertation are required to be presented for examination. These may be in either temporary or permanent binding. If in temporary binding they must be able to withstand ordinary handling and postage. The preferred method is "perfect binding"; spring back, ring back or spiral binding is not permitted. Students are required to submit one copy in permanent binding on acid free paper for the library, including any emendations recommended by the examiners. For more details see the requirements for the PhD thesis in the Postgraduate Research Studies Handbook. Dissertations are due at the end of the first week of exams for the semester in which you are enrolled for Dissertation 2. The assessment is based solely on the submission of your dissertation. The dissertation is generally marked by two examiners.

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Research under academic supervision


15,000 to 25,000 word dissertation (100%)

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48 credit points and a WAM of at least 75


ARCH9031 or PLAN9018 or ARCH9060 or PLAN9010 or PLAN9011



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