New Design in Old Settings (ARCH9075)


This unit will cover one of the most fundamental aspects of heritage conservation. Designing infill and additions to historic buildings and precincts are the common practice of architecture throughout time in all cultures. From a multi-disciplinary background this course will aim to develop skills in the assessment of the cultural significance of existing buildings, the impact of new works to the heritage significance of historic buildings in existing contexts, visual and spatial literacy in the design of new fabric in old settings. The course will provide a wide range of examples, including wide international perspective. The aims of the unit are to develop an understanding of the history of designing and building new buildings in old settings; to develop an understanding of the major theoretical and practical issues of designing new buildings in old settings; to develop an ability to critically assess the appropriateness of the design of the new in the context of the accordingly accepted current conservation practice in Australia. By the end of the course the student will be able to produce, at a professional level a Heritage Impact Statement as defined by the NSW Heritage Branch.

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3hrs/week combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, site visits.


(25%) Group work (75%) assignments 4000-5000 wd

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