Heritage Law and Policy (ARCH9081)


Students completing this unit will be able to undertake heritage studies and assessments, and to prepare instruments and guidelines relating to heritage policies. They will have knowledge of: legislation (international and all levels of government), regulations, planning instruments and policies; registers, inventories and other records of significant items; roles and procedures of various government agencies involved in heritage and conservation. The unit will consider a range of heritage issues, for example, ones relating to landscape, streetscape, archaeology, public places etc, besides buildings. It will also cover a range of issues such as: adaptive reuse, modifications for ESD provisions, management of the context of significant items, and the conservation areas. Students will gain skills in: reviewing legislation, planning instruments and policy documents relating to heritage; preparing basic policies, instruments and related guidelines relating to heritage; critical thinking about heritage issues, and how heritage relate to urban design and planning, ESD and trade-offs with other considerations; reviewing and preparing heritage studies, proposals, management plans, approvals etc. Assessment will be based on assignments addressing both the context and practice of heritage and conservation planning. The unit will be taught by lectures, with site visits. There will be a component of research-led teaching using projects. Class preparation: 2 hours/week, assessment preparation: 40.hours/semester

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Lectures 2hrs/wk


Reports (2 x 50%)

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