Heritage Law and Policy (ARCH9081)


In this unit you will become familiar with the system of legal protections and policy instruments that underpin heritage conservation activity. You will explore the idea of cultural property and of shared environmental resources and the ways in which these are balanced with private property rights in heritage policy and law. Classes will address the varying levels at which heritage protections operate, from international protocols down to local planning schemes. You will become familiar with legislation, regulations, planning instruments and policies as well as the use of registers, inventories and other records of significant items. You will also become familiar with the roles and procedures of various government agencies involved in heritage conservation and develop an understanding of how such agencies utilize heritage studies and assessments, and how they develop heritage law and policy. You will consider how different instruments and heritage protections relate to different scales and types of place including landscapes, streetscapes, archaeological resources, gardens and individual buildings. You will consider how different sanctions and incentives achieve policy aims and support statutory obligations and you will be encouraged to explore innovative legal and policy mechanisms for preventing or redressing the destruction of historically significant places.

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Reports (2 x 50%)

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