Conservation Design Studio (ARCH9084)


The aim of the course is to form and develop interdisciplinary collaboration in design teams of students design and non-design related backgrounds and to work collaboratively following accepted levels of contemporary architectural and conservation professional practice. Additionally, it is intended that students will develop a critical ability to assess the appropriateness of the design of new additions to existing buildings of recognised heritage value.
The course objective is to analyse a given site with an existing building of identified heritage value and for the design-based students to prepare, with a given brief, a contemporary addition that is both a credible work of contemporary architecture whilst at the same time a sensitive and appropriate addition that respects the cultural significance of the existing building. The non-design based students will act as heritage consultants, in accordance with best professional practice and concurrently prepare for the proposed design a Heritage Impact Statement that conforms with the NSW Heritage Branch guidelines and standards of practice.
Class preparation: 2 hours/week

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Studio 2 hrs/wk (10 wks), tutorial 2 hrs/wk (2 wks), site visit 2 hrs/wk (1wk)


For all students, submission of a written site analysis [1x Essay 1500-2000 words]; for Design-based students a Design Proposal and Model & Non-Design-based students a Heritage Impact Statement (70%)

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BDesArch, MArch (for students pursuing the design stream of this elective)

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Departmental Permission will be required to enrol in this unit. First preference to Master of Heritage Conservation Students.

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