Art and Archaeology of South East Asia (ARHT2641)


The focus of this course is the art and archaeology of the medieval civilizations of Southeast Asia, particularly Angkor, that continue to have an effect on the contemporary issues of the region. Through explorations of text and material culture this course will examine major themes in the development and transformation of these 'states'. Themes addressed include; the influence of Indian and China, Hindu-Buddhist religious syncretism in early Southeast Asia, the development of trade links prior to 1500, peripheral communities and minorities, and the historiography of Southeast Asia.

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3x1hr seminar/week


1x1500wd site, building or artwork report (33%), 1x4500wd long Essay (67%)


Recommended Readings:
Jacques, C. and Freeman, M., 2006, Ancient Angkor, River Books: Bangkok.
Kerlogue, Fiona, 2004, Arts of Southeast Asia, Thames & Hudson: London

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

12 credit points from Junior level Asian Studies, or other subject areas listed in Table A in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Handbook.



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