Modern Japanese Social History (ASNS2632)


This unit of study will begin with examination of social aspects of the Meiji reforms, evaluating interpretations of their aims and effects. The focus will then turn to the emergence of new social forces in the twentieth century, including industrial workers, an urban middle class and a women's movement. We will also explore changes in daily life and attitudes to work and leisure as urbanisation and industrialisation progressed and assess the effects of the Second World War and the Occupation.

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2x1hr lectures, 1x1hr tutorial/week


1x500wd Tutorial presentation (5%), 1x750wd outline and bibliography (10%), 1x1500wd position or short research paper (20%), 1x750wd mid-term test (20%), 1x1hr Exam (35%), Tutorial participation (10%)

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12 Junior credit points from Table A



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