Japan in East Asia from 1840 until Today (ASNS2672)


This unit inserts the modern and contemporary history of Japan inside its East Asian context. We will examine a dozen key events and subjects pertaining to the relations between Japan, China and Korea, from the 1840 Opium War until today. Doing so, we will touch many sensitive and controversial topics, become aware of the differing historical consciousness prevalent in these three countries, and understand why the historical question constitutes a major political issue in East Asia.

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2x1hr lectures/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week


2x 250wds each In-class quizzes (10%), 1x500wds Tutorial presentation (20%), 1x1500wds Essay (20%), 1x2hr Exam (40%), Tutorial participation (10%)

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12 Junior credit points from (Asian Studies or Japanese Studies or Korean Studies or Chinese Studies or Indonesian Studies or Sanskrit or History or Ancient History or International and Global Studies)

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