Analytical Thinking (ATHK1001)


Analytical Thinking is a course covering aspects of research design, interpretation of data, analysis, logic, and thinking processes. It is comprised of three sections: Data Concepts and Analysis, Logic and Critical Reasoning, and Thinking Tools. The section on data concepts and analysis covers aspects of research design, data collection, and basic forms of hypothesis testing and statistical tests are introduced. The logic and critical reasoning section covers material ranging from valid and invalid forms of argument and errors in reasoning to critiques of arguments presented in case studies. The thinking tools section looks at the errors people make in reasoning, decision making, problem solving and learning, and how to avoid these errors. Together, the three course components teach foundational skills necessary for carrying out meaningful academic discussions, arguments, and research studies, which may be applied to any content area of scientific enquiry.

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Three 1hr lectures and one 1hr tutorial per week


Written assignments (35%); Quizzes (10%); Tutorial participation (5%); Exam (50%)

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ATHK1001 is a compulsory unit within the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (BLAS) degree and will only be available to students enrolled in BLAS.

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