Animal Health and Disease (AVBS4001)


This Unit of Study extends your understanding of animal health from knowledge gained in units completed in earlier years, including AVBS2001 Introduction to Veterinary Pathogenesis and AVBS3001 Agents of disease. In particular we look at general aspects of animal health and disease in terms of epidemiology, exotic/emergency diseases of risk to Australia and principles of vaccines and vaccinations. Health and disease issues relevant to various species, including sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry, fish and wildlife are presented by experts in these fields. A range of management and interventional strategies that are currently in use to minimise the impact of disease are also discussed. After completing this Unit of Study, students will demonstrate an understanding of:
the principles of animal management that are implemented to optimise health and to reduce the incidence and severity of disease; the fundamental principles of disease in animal populations; specific infectious diseases of consequence for growth, reproduction and for the production of meat, wool, milk and eggs; approaches to their control and prevention through environmental and nutritional management, and interventional techniques such as vaccination programmes. These are considered in the context of commercial animal production and the health of wildlife animals. A two day field trip to Arthursleigh farm which focuses on the management of sheep, cattle and wildlife, and a visit to the research and development field station of an international animal health company reiterate many aspects of the unit of study.

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3.5 hrs/wk lectures, 0.5 hr/wk tutorials, 2 hrs/wk practical (on average)


participation in field trips (pass/fail), assignments (60%), 2 hr exam (40%)


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AVBS2001 and AVBS3001

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