Intensive Animal Industries (AVBS4008)


This unit of study is composed of two parts, a Poultry Production component and a Pig Production component. The course will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the production of eggs and poultry meat and pork. The individual components examine various aspects of the poultry and pig production systems important in maintaining efficiency and profitability. It investigates aspects of breeding, nutrition, housing, growth performance, heath, welfare, reproductive capability, waste management, marketing and current industry issues. This unit will expand on some aspects of previous year 3 units of study in animal structure and function, nutrition and reproduction. There is a broiler growth study which comprises a significant part of the practical work in the Poultry component. There is a strong emphasis on assessment being built into the course work as this is considered to be more relevant to learning in the final year.

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6 hrs/wk


Written exam (50%) (Poultry and Pigs 50:50), in course evaluations and case study - Pigs (25%), Broiler growth study report and in course evaluations - Poultry (25%)


There is no single text that adequately covers the Australian pig industry and for this reason no formal text is required. There are many sites (industry, academic institutions and government departments) on the Web which provide excellent information. Links to these will be provided. Where appropriate, relevant reference material will be identified for specific areas of the course. Often poultry specific text books are obsolete very quickly, it would be important to use trade information. The library subscribes to breeder management guides and general poultry production journals as well as specific poultry scientific journals.

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(Animal and Veterinary Bioscience years 1-3) OR (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture years 1-3)

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