Research Project B1 (AVBS4013)


Research Project B is composed of 12 credit points and consists of units AVBS4013 (Research Project B1) and 4014 (Research project B2). AVBS4013 and AVBS4014 must be completed in separate semesters, and unit AVBS4013 must be completed prior to unit AVBS4014. In AVBS4013, students, after consultation with academic(s) and/or researcher(s) choose an area of research interest and investigate various sources of information to produce a written literature review in the chosen research area. Students will also be required to give an oral presentation on some aspect of the research area chosen. In most cases there will be strong alignment between this unit and the activities undertaken in unit AVBS4014.
At the end of this Unit of Study, students will:
identify a research area, define a problem that impacts on animals and analyse this problem using information from various sources; critically evaluate current research (experimental design, statistical analysis, technical limitations) and identify where the present knowledge is limiting for the chosen research topic; assimilate and manage information from within and across disciples to provide new concepts or understanding in the area of research; become familiar with scientific principles of research and the ethical use of animals in research; produce a written review, after effectively resourcing the appropriate information, that is clearly written and which abides to accepted principles of scientific writing; develop competency at structuring and delivering an oral presentation on some research topic; apply the range of interpersonal skills necessary to work with peers and researchers.

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Students must attend the compulsory course "Introduction to Animal Research" which is usually held in the week prior to the start of semester. Relevant workshops, for example on writing a literature review, will be completed during enrolment in AVBS 4013. There is no regular face-to-face teaching. The equivalent of 6 hours of course work time will be allocated each week to this unit of study for research project activity.


Submit a written literature review on a research topic and give an oral presentation on some aspect of this topic


No textbooks are required

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Animal and Veterinary Bioscience years 1-3


AVBS4015 or AVBS4016 or AVBS4017 or AVBS4018

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