Research Project A2 (AVBS4016)


Students will actively work on the research projects identified at the start of unit AVBS4015. This is will include, where appropriate, undertaking animal and laboratory studies, collection and analysis of samples and data, recording of data, continue to evaluate information from various sources and meet set assessment deadlines.
See under AVBS4015 for further information.

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There is no regular face-to-face teaching. The equivalent of 6 hours per week will be allocated from the course work timetable for research project activity. Relevant workshops, for example on scientific writing and statistical analysis will be completed during the sessions when the student is enrolled in AVBS4015, AVBS4016, AVBS4017 and AVBS4018.


See AVBS4015

Faculty/department permission required?


Unit of study rules


Animal and Veterinary Bioscience years 1-3. Students need to have obtained a second/third year WAM commensurate with obtaining a first class honours grade, and must have the approval of the faculty to enrol.


AVBS4013 or AVBS4014


AVBS4015 and AVBS4017 and AVBS4018

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