Statistics for Clinical Research (BACH5068)


This unit introduces students to basic statistical principles relevant to the manipulation and analysis of clinical data. Students will be exposed to concepts of sampling, distributions of scores, summaries of data, and treatment of categorical and quantitative data. This last topic will include chi square analysis, calculation of confidence intervals, tests for differences in the locations of samples (including t-tests and tests for non-normally distributed data), correlation and regression, sample size estimation and an introduction to survival analysis. It is expected that at the conclusion of the unit students will be able to: appraise published statistical analyses; perform simple statistical tests by hand and with the assistance of a computer package SAS or SPSS; and present statistical data.

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4xwritten assignments, descriptive statistics (10%), inferential statistics 1 (25%), inferential statistics 2 (25%), regression and non-parametrics statistics (40%)


Various recommended texts on introductory statistics

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Students must have access to a PC to load and use the statistics packages SAS or SPSS

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