Protein Biochemistry (Advanced) (BCHM2971)


This advanced unit of study introduces biochemistry by describing the physical and chemical activities of proteins and their functions in cells. The details of protein interactions with other cellular components are presented and the relationship of protein structure and function is discussed. Techniques in protein chemistry and analysis, including proteomics are discussed together with key experiments which reveal the physical basis of the functioning of proteins. This course builds on the protein science presented in MBLG1X01 and is ideally suited to students studying Intermediate Chemistry, Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Immunology or Physiology together with Biochemistry. The advanced practical course will nurture technical skills in protein biochemistry and will include protein preparation, the interpretation of protein structure, enzymatic assays and biochemical analysis.

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Two 1-hour lectures per week, five 1-2 hour tutorials and six 3-4-hour practical sessions per semester


One 2.5-hour theory and theory of practical exam (55%), two one hour in-semester quizzes (15%), practical assignments and laboratory book reports (30%)


Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 6th edition, by Nelson and Cox Resources Manual for Biochemistry 2 Practical Sessions, Sem 2

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Unit of study rules


12cp from CHEM1XXX and a mark of 75 or above in 6cp from (BIOL1XX7, MBLG1XXX)



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Recommended concurrent units of study: (MBLG2071 or MBLG2971) and (BCHM2072 or BCHM2972) for progression to Senior Biochemistry.

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