Architectural Communications 2 (BDES2012)


Architectural Communications 2 particularly explores the roles that digital technology can play in contemporary architectural communication. It revisits graphic representation, modelling and verbal and written communication through the lens of computer-aided operations. This unit of study equips students with skills in digital drafting and modelling, texture mapping, lighting, rendering and digital fabrication, and encourages their creative deployment in an iterative design project for a simple specific building typology Students are asked to develop a clear understanding of their chosen typology and represent it through a range of media in order to create an archive of their own analysis of its concepts and expressions. Communications 2 is divided into both guided lab and studio sessions. The lab sessions deploy a variety of analogue techniques and move towards digital design in order to better understand the typology's experimental qualities including scale, proportion, texture and materiality.

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Lecture, computer laboratory and studio contact, plus self-directed preparation and assignments, for a minimum total student commitment averaging 9 hours per week.


Assignments (70%), Portfolio (30%)

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BDES2010 and BDES2013

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