Architecture Studio 301 (BDES3010)


Architecture Studio 301 engages in students the observational, analytical, interpretative and speculative capacities required to produce a conceptually and tectonically grounded solution to a medium-scale urban architectural problem. It seeks initially to refine skills in the development of a thematic framework for design, the analysis of broad urban contexts and specific site conditions, together with a strong awareness of historical and theoretical conditions for design. Students deploy these analyses in creative and experimental ways via the design of a medium-scale building with a complex functional program. Students are required to integrate multiple criteria - including thematic, conceptual, programmatic, contextual, tectonic and technical concerns - into a persuasive architectural design proposition.

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Lecture and studio contact, plus self-directed preparation and assignments, for a minimum total student commitment averaging 9 hours per week.


Minor Project (30%), Major Project (50%), Portfolio (20%)

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BDES2020 or (DESA2002 and DESA2111)





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