Arts in Health (BETH5207)


The 'art of health' is more than an historic catchphrase; it is a literal phenomenon. In the past century the visual, literary and performing arts have emerged as vital components of a blossoming 'arts in health' movement which values the contribution of the arts to human health and wellbeing. This unit gives students practical examples of how to incorporate the arts into public health and health care. The course offers a rich and detailed exploration of varying debates in the scholarly and practice-based fields of arts-and-health, which include but are not limited to: status and uses of art therapy; music,
psychology and medicine; narrative, literature and the 'narrative medicine' movement; hospital art, design and architecture; and the role of art in public health, health research, and social marketing campaigns. Students will be treated to a diverse range of guest lecturers from the fields of visual performing arts and related areas of expertise. This course will appeal to students of public health; literary, visual and performing arts; social work; psychology; and related disciplines, who want to understand more about the interconnectedness of the arts with human health.
the arts with human health.
All assessments must be completed to pass this Unit.

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Block mode, 2x2 days (4 hour combined lectures/tutorials)


2x300-400wd online tasks (25%), 1x1,500wd essay (25%), 1x2,500wd essay (50%)


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