Writing a Research Proposal (BHSC3014)


This unit is designed to assist students understand the principles of writing a research proposal, applicable for either project planning or evaluation within health or for further research (e.g., Honours). Students will be introduced to the key components of preparing and writing up a proposal: purpose of the research and question(s) to be addressed; reviewing existing literature on the topic; deciding on a research methodology and methods used to collect data; proposing an approach for data analysis; identifying ethical issues and working through the process of applying for ethics approval; providing a clear plan and timeline for each stage of the research. At the completion of this unit, students will have undertaken an ethics application, planned, orally presented and written up a research proposal. This unit of study is recommended for students who wish to undertake Honours after completion of the pass degree.

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1x2-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week


Ethics application 1500 words (30%), oral presentation (20%), research proposal 2000 words (50%)

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(HSBH1006 and (HSBH1007 or HSBH2007) and HSBH1008 and HSBH1009) or (BACH1161) or (NURS1003)

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