Concepts in Biology (BIOL1001)


Concepts in Biology is an introduction to the major themes of modern biology. The unit covers fundamental cell biology, with a particular emphasis on cell structure and function; the foundations of molecular biology from the role of DNA in protein synthesis to the genetics of organisms; and the theory of evolution and principles of phylogenetic analysis, including how these are used to interpret the origins of the diversity of extant organisms. Practical classes focus on students designing experiments, making and recording their observations and communicating their findings. The unit emphasises how biologists carry out scientific investigations, from the molecular and cellular level to the level of ecosystems. This unit of study provides a good foundation for intermediate biology units of study.

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Two 1-hour lectures and one 3-hour practical per week.


One 2-hour exam, assignments tests and lab quizzes (100%).


Knox R B et al. Biology, An Australian Focus. 4th ed. McGraw-Hill. 2010

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

HSC Biology. Students who have not completed HSC Biology (or equivalent) are strongly advised to take the Biology Bridging Course (offered in February).


BIOL1500 or BIOL1901 or BIOL1101 or BIOL1911 or BIOL1991

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