Human Biology (Special Studies) (BIOL1993)


Entry to this unit of study assumes 90 or above in HSC Biology, or equivalent. The practical work syllabus for BIOL1993 is different from that of BIOL1903 (Advanced) and consists of special project-based laboratory exercises. NB: Department permission required for enrolment.

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Lectures as per BIOL1903; one 3-hour practical per week.


One 2 hour exam 50%, practical reports 25%, seminar presentation 15%, lab note book 5%, prelaboratory quizzes 5%


Van Putte, C., Regan, J. and Russo, A. (2010) Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, McGraw Hill. The edition comes with a custom publication of:Mader, S.S. (2006) Human Biology, 11th edition, McGraw Hill. (Chapters 19, 24, 26); Sanders MF & Bowman JL (2012) Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach Benjamin Cummings, Boston; Bromham, L 2016, An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phlyogenetics, Oxford University Press.
Bromham, L 2008, Reading the story in DNA: a beginner's guide to molecular evolution, Oxford University Press, US.

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Assumed knowledge

(90 or above in HSC Biology or equivalent) OR (85 or above in any junior biology unit)


BIOL1003 or BIOL1903 or BIOL1991

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