Human Biology (Special Studies) (BIOL1993)


Entry to Special Studies Program in Human Biology is competitive based on academic performance. Only students with an ATAR of at least 99.0 or a Band 6 Biology HSC score will be considered. The practical work syllabus for BIOL1993 is different from that of BIOL1903 (Advanced) and consists of special project-based laboratory exercises. NB: Department permission required for enrolment

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Lectures as per BIOL1903; one 3-hour practical per week.


One 2 hour exam 50%, practical reports 25%, seminar presentation 15%, lab note book 5%, prelaboratory quizzes 5%


Van Putte, C., Regan, J. and Russo, A. (2010) Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, McGraw Hill. The edition comes with a custom publication of:Mader, S.S. (2006) Human Biology, 11th edition, McGraw Hill. (Chapters 19, 24, 26); Sanders MF & Bowman JL (2012) Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach Benjamin Cummings, Boston;
Bromham, L 2008, Reading the story in DNA: a beginner's guide to molecular evolution, Oxford University Press, US.

Faculty/department permission required?


Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

90+ result in HSC Biology

(95 or above in HSC Biology or equivalent) OR (85 or above in any junior biology unit)


BIOL1003 or BIOL1903 or BIOL1991

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